STEP 1: Open your web browser and go to

STEP 2: Enter the username and password (tmadmin/Adm@xxxx)

<Note: XXXX = last 4 digit of Mac Address>.

STEP 3: Click “Login” to log in to the Web page.


 STEP 4:To add new port forwarding service you can go to the Advanced and select the “Port Forwarding” to proceed the port forwarding setup. 

STEP 5:Click the “Addbutton to key in the configuration detail.

STEP 6: Choose the “WAN Connectiontype in the modem (in this page we use PPPOE setup). Select the predefined service according to designated port. If custom service is use; we need to define the service.

STEP 7: Select the “schedulefor the port forwarding. Key in the “Local LAN IP Address of the affected service.

STEP 8:     Key in the information related to the service (“External Port Start to End” – “Protocol” – “Internal Port Start to End”).

STEP 9:  Click the “Apply” to save the configuration. 

STEP 10: Verify the Port Forwarding Setup. The added port should be working normally.